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Electronic connection line

Various types of precision crimped terminal wires (PVC, silicone, Teflon, etc.), cable, data cable, power cable, HDMI cable, RF cable, audio cable, spring cable, etc. Widely used in automotive electronics, security, digital... Click to viewConsultation

Bluetooth intercom

Bluetooth version 3.0, support A2DP EDR, built-in 800 mA lithium battery, sustainable work up to 15 hours, standby time of up to 350 hours; charging only 3 hours, can be used while charging, can be equipped with mobile power.... Click to viewConsultation

about us

Dongguan City WinTogether Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating mold design, manufacturing, product design, production and sales. There are three major business groups: walkie-talkies, cables, and connectors.                 
Global WT Industrial co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in R&D and production of walkie-talkie. The factory has a group of elite technicians engaged in wireless, acoustics and precision parts for more than ten years. The production base reaches 10,000 square meters and the annual sales reach 5 More than 10 million. Especially the bluetooth walkie-talkie, is technologically leading. Has various certifications, and has many years of cooperation experience with world-renowned brands.                 
Bluetooth walkie-talkie products include: helmet bluetooth interphone, walkie-talkie bluetooth remote control... 【Learn more】
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